Winston Levin


February 9, 2022

Why would the WL City Council follow a leader with a track record of hate and derision?

- Transcript -

Watch the full Abortion Debate: "Is Abortion a Moral Injustice?" Mr. Seth Drayer v. Dr. David Sanders


Dr. David Sanders is one of two co-sponsors of the WL Ordinance 31-21, which would criminalize counseling based upon sincerely held religious beliefs regarding gender and sexuality. Dr. Sanders is a professor at Purdue University. The following is the transcript from an excerpt of a debate on abortion where Dr. Sanders is describing his conservative Christian pro-life debate partner:

[Sanders] He thinks fetuses are children. And he belongs to an organization that likes to show images of fetuses. OK, that’s something that’s a trademark. OK? What would you call the public display of a butt-naked body of a child? I would call that child pornography. Do they have the permission? Do they have the permission of the fetus? Obviously not. Do they have the permission of the parents to show these images of children? Naked children? Dead naked children! They're not only appealing to the pedophile, they're also appealing to the necrophiles.
[Audience member] So you admit it’s a child?
[Sanders] I didn’t admit it; I am using his language. He thinks it’s a child. I do not. And if you want to enforce and protect first amendment rights to allow you to show child pornography, have at it. 

Every citizen of West Lafayette, regardless of political or religious persuasion, should pause and ask; do we trust this person to craft legislation that protects Americans' First Amendment rights to free exercise of religion? Is his mockery of a conservative Christian the kind of leadership our citizens should follow?

Lafayette Citizens for Freedom calls into question the other six Councilors who have yet to voice opposition to 31-21. Do they have the same view of pro-life Christian conservative residents of West Lafayette as Dr. Sanders? He proclaims that conservative pro-lifers are child pornographers who exploit naked babies to appeal to pedophiles and necrophiles. Councilors Bunder, DeBoer, Kang, Leverenz, Parker, and Blanco do not share this animus toward conservative religious persons too, do they? Then please answer this question for our community, why are you following Dr. David Sander’s leadership on 31-21?

Winston Levin


Lead Organizer of LCF & Graduate Student at Purdue University

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