Bobbi Wells


January 17, 2022

Do you support a parent's right to counsel her children?

- Transcript -

Hi, my name is Bobby Wells, and I'd like to talk to you as a concerned mom of two teens. The teenage years are really exciting, and I really delight to walk alongside my teens as they grow and learn. And as a Christian in America, I have the freedom to raise them according to the biblical beliefs that I live by.

And I don't take that freedom lightly. It's something I thank God for daily. And that's why ordinance 31-21 is extremely troubling to me. The definition of "unlicensed counselor" is given as any person who provides counseling, and counseling is defined as techniques use to help individuals learn how to solve problems and make decisions related to personal growth, vocational family, and other interpersonal concerns. That defines me and what I do as the parent of teens every single day of my life.

My kids don't talk to me about everything, but they know they can talk to me about anything, and nothing delights me more than when they come to me with their questions and their concerns so they don't have to walk alone. Instead, I can give them my full support and all the resources I can find for them.

Just like you, I want the right to seek counseling I'm comfortable with and teach my children my values. I'm asking the city council members to please clarify their terms, because if this isn't an attack on Christian parenting, it's certainly not clear in the definitions and wording that they're currently using. And sadly, their flat refusal to clarify and discuss these concerns makes it harder to believe that their intentions are good. You know, most ordinances are based on a complaint - I'd love to know what's their complaint. And as I tell my teens, please communicate so we can work on a solution.

This law as written easily includes parents. And if that's not the intent, then some serious reworking needs to be done. You know, if this also concerned you, join the other Lafayette citizens for freedom at Sign the petition and add a short video of your own.

Bobbi Wells


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