City Council response to questions on 31-21

Before December 6th, citizens asked each city council member a series of questions. Only two of the nine politicians have been willing to respond.

Questions sent to Council Members

1. Do you plan to vote AYE, NAY, or ABSTAIN on Ordinance 31-21?
1.1. How will you practice transparency during the amending of Ordinance 31-21?
1.2. What is the demonstrated need of this ordinance?
1.3. How will you amend the bill to protect parents' rights?
1.4. How will you amend the bill to protect minors' rights?
1.5. Against whom and how do you intend to enforce this ordinance? How will you amend the bill to ensure these are the only persons affected?
2. Do you support the above religious exemption amendment to Ordinance 31-21?
2.1. How will you amend the bill to protect religious persons' rights?

Council Members without response.

David Sanders
James Blanco
Kathy Parker
Larry Leverenz
Nick DeBoer
Peter Bunder
Shannon Kang

Council Members with response.

Gerald Thomas
Jeff Brown

How can you help?

You can help defeat 31-21! The steps listed are simple and easy to follow for all those who are concerned about 31-21.